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Heal Through Writing 

Holistic wellness focuses on mind, body and soul, the hōl (or whole 🤣) person. As a part of my holistic wellness program, I’ve created a “Write Your Way To Hōl” program. In this program we focus on mental and emotional healing through writing.  This program is similar to my regular writing coaching course with the main difference being that we focus more on healing versus just writing a best seller. Because this is a holistic program with you as the focus, it is 8 weeks long instead of the usual 4-6 weeks.

In addition to emotional healing, I still cover the best seller stuff

1. Book descriptions and title

2. Book Structure

3. Engaging your audience

4. Monetizing Your book

5. Marketing your book

6. Cover design

7. Self publishing 

Schedule a call to see if this program is for you for only $19

Program Cost $549

Not interested in writing an actual book? Try journaling!

Course offered every Monday at 7pm on Zoom

Learn to use journaling to release your inner struggles and frustrations, to cast vision for your life, reflect on past experiences that you can learn from and plan your future. It can be the most freeing experience of your life. The healing that takes place is so amazing!

I love being able to write as a way to safely express myself privately. It is my opportunity to feel how I feel and say what I need to say without fear of how someone else may feel about it or what they may think of me. If you want to learn this technique, this class is for you!

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